• Our vision is to be an outstanding international school of the highest reputation operating with global relevance.

Welcome To Peachmark Schools

Welcome to Peachmark schools. As the director of this magnificent school, I am pleased to offer you description of the educational life at Peachmark schools. Our website is here to give you a peek into peachmark schools, however I urge you to visit our school so that you may learn even more.


We strongly believe in providing a unique pleasant, stimulating and safe environment where a lifelong desire to learn is instilled in each child. Peachmark schools is known for having one of the highest standards for education in Lagos and we practice a modernized curriculum.

Our School

In PEACHMARK SCHOOLS, academic work and programmes are presented under the following;


At peachmark schools, we encourage critical and creative thinking skills in our nursery stars to get them ready for primary school and beyond. Young children are supposed to strengthen and increase their cognitive and physical skills at the nursery level/ we work to challenge, motivate and nurture their early years to give them every possible chance for healthy growth and development.


At peachmark schools, we provide fundamental reading, writing and mathematical skills to establish a solid foundation for learning. We continuously seek new ideas and schemes to engage and challenge our stars.
Our extra-curricular activities are sport, swimming and coding. In our emotionally supportive atmosphere, students are provided opportunities to play and socialize with group of their peers under the guidance of trained educators.


Dear Peachmark School, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible education and nurturing environment you provide to our children. Your dedication and passion for their growth is truly remarkable. Thank you for molding their minds, building their character, and instilling a love for learning. We feel blessed to be part of this exceptional school community. Sincerely,
Mrs Justina Oke
Dear Peachmark School, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional learning that my child has received at your school.Thank you for shaping their future with love and expertise. Warmest regards,
Mr Chukuemeka
Dear Peachmark School, For me I love Peachmark School Creche, I love the way you care for my baby with passion, I will continue to recommend your creche keep growing and remain blessed. With sincere appreciation,
Mrs Olaoluwa

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